My Debut in Japan

I always like to say (since two days ago) that you don’t truly belong in a foreign country until you’ve experienced one of their ambulances. Well, we can check that off my list because my very first week in Japan I somehow ended up in the back of an ambulance one evening because of…wait for it…a finger that was smashed in the door of a car. Yeah, I can’t explain it either. Anyways, it was a fabulous way to spend my 4th of July evening.

Since I left the missionary training center everything has been a whirlwind. The plane ride was fun because I got to sit with people from the same district group I was in at the MTC because we were all going to the Tokyo-south mission. We were picked up at the airport by Wada kaichou and his wife, Wada shimai and they are the kindest people ever, and completely down to earth. I love them so much already.

The Wadas   Yamate Sister Gazdyk
The Wadas and Kira’s first companion, Sister Gazdyk

We spent three days in their home receiving more training and experiencing a taste of Japan, like radio Taiso in the mornings (Google it). Some people have gone to the park every day for 50 years to do it. It was great and I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself. Before Taiso, I went on a run, and because it’s so humid here I was sweating like no other. One little old obaasan お祖母さん even asked if I had jumped in the pond. Thanks, no. No I didn’t.

Rain girl    Kira in the rain

I was assigned to the 横浜山手 (Yokohama Yamate) area with my trainer, and I’ll be staying here for at least 6 weeks, maybe longer. Yokohama is amazing, there’s a city section in our area by the ocean and then lots of neighborhoods. Every house is so unique, it’s so fun to explore the area.

Streetscape 2 in Yokohama      streetscape in Yokohama

The streets are narrow and the trucks are tiny, and there are telephone and electric lines everywhere. I just can’t get over how exciting everything is here. I’ve only been here since Thursday, so there’s still a good deal more to see.

Yamate study   Yamate bedroom

Yamate kitchen   Yamate bathroom


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