First Splits!

Last P-Day I had the chance to indulge in my commercial interests, that is to say, shopping, at minatomirai. We went out to eat and I got to taste okonomiyaki for the first time, a stuffed pancake-sort-of-dish, and we went to Uniqlo, which is a store where everyone basically shops at here. A bit of like the H&M of Japan.

Later in the week I got to go on splits with Ogawa 小川姉妹, which is basically when you switch companions for 24 hours with another pair. We had so much fun and it was great being able to speak Japanese with her 24/7. Or I guess 24/1, technically.

Here’s a picture of us at our finest:

Ogawa splits

An exciting event of the week was…. Cookie Kai!!! We hosted a get-together to teach women in the church and the surrounding neighborhood how to make American chocolate chip cookies. We were a little worried at first, because all the people who said they could come basically got called in to work, but about an hour in suddenly people started arriving en masse and it ended up being a really fun event!

In other news, I think this week I’ve had my self-confidence boosted more than ever before. On Sunday, random people and church members all over the city were complimenting our skin, teeth, eyes, hair, etc, and of course the only way to properly respond in Japanese is to vehemently deny all compliments and compliment the complimenter. But really, the compliments were completely unfounded. It’s been 90’s all week and while normal people take nice Sunday walks, we bike at high speeds through Yokohama wearing skirts and (probably the only people) wearing helmets, ending up sweaty messes by the time we’ve climbed the ridiculous hills on our bikes. At one point, a Japanese man saw us biking by and did a double-take while riding his bike, then promptly crashed into a flock of pigeons he hadn’t noticed. I won’t say it was the best moment of the day, but it was pretty hilarious.

I’m having an awesome time applying all the things I learned working in Jeanne Tsai’s East Asian Emotion Psychology lab to the people I meet.

And, (!!!) recently the LDS newsroom website posted an article about the churches stance on the Environment and its stewardship! So if any of you are interested in learning what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints believes it was a happy surprise to see that despite the often validated stereotype that many LDS members don’t actively practice these principles, the church teaches that we need to care for the environment fairly extensively, actually. To find out more, you can read Elder Marcus B. Nash’s worldwide address called “Righteous Dominion and Compassion for Earth” or read the novel titled “Stewardship and the Creation,” by Handley, Ball, and Peck, specifically chapter 12: “how can church members increase their environmental awareness”. It’s all available online! Go! Read! Be environmental stewards! 💚💚👍🗻
That’s all for now!


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