This week is really busy so sorry for the short entry. Teaching is going really well. The people we are teaching are progressing and it’s amazing to see the changes in their lives in such a short time. More details to come soon.


Here is a picture of me and my new Douryou! She’s great, we have a lot of fun together. In mission aga terms, we’re currently the youngest pair in the mission area (as I’ve been serving the shortest amount of time), so we have lots of fun figuring out what exactly we’re supposed to be doing every day. Definitely a learning experience.

We’ve been meeting all sorts of people this week and had a few funny experiences. The first happened as we were biking to a park, I said hello to a woman who I often speak to when we pass by her house. She hadn’t met my new companion yet, Watanabe 姉妹、and said “Your Japanese is very good!” to her. Confused, Watanabe 姉妹 said, “wait, I’m Japanese!” We laughed about that for a good while.

Then, later at another park, we stopped to talk to a woman sketching some European-style buildings. We were standing behind her to admire her work, speaking Japanese to her. She glanced back to see who she had been speaking with, and upon
seeing me, and noticing I was most definitely not a Nihonjin but instead a foreigner, she dropped everything she was holding, jumped out of her seat and started apologizing  profusely, and then again in English “I am sorry. I am sorry!” “Hellohowareyou?” And bowing. We assured her it was completely fine and apologized for distracting her from her artwork. It’s fairly amusing sometimes to see how people react to a foreigner speaking Japanese, although by no means am I fluent yet, even if people always insist  I am. The catch is, they will say that to any foreigner who can even gargle a pitiful “konnichiwa,” so it’s not much to inspire confidence. But I’ll keep practicing!

image2 (2)
Peole in Japan love Moomins (Muumi Peikko in Finnish). It’s a cartoon/story book character
from Finland that I grew up with and it’s all over the place here. We found a drink stand with mixed berry drinks with tapioca pearls. It was delicious.

That’s all for now!



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