Farewell Dear Yamate

It came. My first ever transfer call. I was hoping to stay for at least another six weeks, but alas, it was not to be. I actually had a dream a few nights before transfer emails were sent out where I thought I was still in Yamate, but My douryou and I were speaking in Spanish. I woke up, confused (because I’m in Japan so why wasn’t I speaking Japanese?) but hoping it was some sort of crazy prophecy that I’d stay in Yamate.

When I got my transfer call to Fujisawa however, I found out that the area is full of Spanish-speakers and that they are in need of people who can speak Spanish. So I’m pretty much convinced I had a straight-up vision. But in all actuality, looks like I’ll be studying up in both Spanish and Portuguese. Anyone who speaks the language please email be asap. I need all the help I can get. 
I’m pretty devastated to leave behind all my students and the friends I’ve made her in Yamate. It’s been an amazing first three months in Japan, and I’ll especially miss the lady in the next apartment building over who wears winter clothing and a mask ever morning and walks her cat around on her roof. I never did talk to her… So many missed opportunities.

I’m confident the fine people of Yamate are in good hands with Watanabe Shimai though. We started teaching two new people this week, and have seen people progressing so well lately. There’s been so much growth in Yamate since I got here in July and I’m excited to see the area continue to grow. 

Besides this, my intermediate eikaiwa English class members have become complete studs at English, and I plan to tell them I expect essays written and mailed to me every week from now on. I’ve learned a lot this transfer about the importance of managing relationships and putting aside differences and just trying to love everyone and serve them in any way I can! 

Without further ado…. Cue sad music and touching photos:

   One of my favorite people ever (besides my Douryou)

 My young Women’s Class plus some extras
  the senkyoushi in our Yokohama South zone (yes I was creeped out too by Nakamoto Chourou in the back)

The church building

Yokohama near Minatomirai
End sad music. So excited to see what the next six weeks have in store!



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