If You Close Your Eyes, I Sound Japanese? 

So I wrote a very long blog entry. And it all deleted. And it’s not recoverable. So, I now have very limited time, unfortunately.

It’s been really amazing to see years and years of learning languages pay off through helping others. I was asked to translate on Sunday in a Sunday school class for a man from the Congo from French to Japanese. I’m pretty sure I did an awful job, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

That same day I attended a service in Japanese and was asked to speak impromptu. Afterwards, I had several people come up to me and tell me that when they closed their eyes it was hard to tell I was a foreigner and that I sounded Japanese. So that was an extreme confidence booster.

Then I attended the international seisankai service which was conducted completely in Spanish. Then I spent the next hour eating curry and trying to introduce myself to people in my broken Spanish. But it is coming along. Slowly. 

I met a man who loves speaking English and calls himself captain Jack. He always talks about his Harry Potter book club, it’s fairly adorable.

I was compared to Meghan Trainor and the Female lead actress from Greece this week. I think everyone just connects me to the first famous blonde obscure person they can think of. 

This week I spent a day in Yamato, and felt cold for the first time since coming to Japan. Is this… Fall?? 

Unfortunately I got sick this week, so I’m powering through and trying to get better. 

A major theme this week has been forgiveness and teaching people how to forgive. It’s so difficult, especially if you feel like you’ve done nothing wrong. ESPECIALLY if you actually haven’t done anything wrong. But it’s really such an amazing healing process. 

Anyways this week is all a bit of a blur.

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