It’s a Girl! 

I’m a trainer?! What? Who said that??

  Yes friends, it’s true. I am now a “mother” and my new “bean-chan” is fresh off the plane from Argentina (that’s actually a lie she was in a training center for 9 weeks). So exciting! Hermana Sanchez is absolutely adorable, and even got to meet her “grandma” and my trainer, the Gaz!
The second bit of exciting news, Sisar Leppänen from Finland came! 

And third bit of news, I actually made it to headquarters at kichijouji alive and only an hour late! 

So here’s the story: 

On Wednesday after a sumptuous meal at a fabulous restaurant 


we went on splits to Kamiooka to help with their eikaiwa class:


Unfortunately, I thought their phone was ours and accidentally took it home (the horror). 

So the next morning we woke up at 4:45 (after getting home and to bed by 11:00) and left to give the phone back to the shimaitachi before they left for transfers. Then at the station, we rushed up….and I accidentally got on the wrong train just as the doors shut behind me, and without a phone. Eyring Shimai just gestured forward, which really could mean anything. I thought it meant to go to Yokohama eki, but unfortunately she meant one stop over. 

After about an hour of running around, trying to find wifi and failing, trying to call from a pay phone and failing, and waiting for her in the main chamber, After praying like crazy I finally stopped some middle school girls and asked to borrow their phone. 

That’s when all the miracles kicked in. I was able to call a friend who had E Shimai’s number and once I finally got ahold of her, she asked if I could make it to Tokyo on my own. Just before hanging up, a woman walked up and asked, “do you need help? I’m an LDS member.” She then led me to the first train I needed to get on and told me the next train line I needed to find once I got to Shibuya. 

Just before arriving, I felt the urge to talk to the woman on the train next to me and found out that she worked right near the next station I needed to get to. She offered to take me to my next train, explaining that it was very difficult to find if I had never been there before. We made it just in time for my train and upon arriving in Kichijouji two elders were at the station and were able to show me the way to headquarters.

After that whole ordeal I was seriously wondering whether I was competent enough to train, but apparently Wada Kaichou thought so, because here I am, on my second week of training a brand new senkyoushi. 

P.s. I got to see my MTC companions again! Demoss Shimai is also training!

 Remnants of Shaba Shaba : they bring out platters of meat and vegetables that you dip in boiling broths.

Empanadas! Am I in Japan or South America?

New district! 


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