Post-Halloween Post Script

Announcement: I wrote possibly the best entry of All Time, sent it,and the next day realized it was mysteriously deleted and lost in the interweb. Alas, no one will ever experience my witty penmanship. So this will have to do:

So on this final an memorial P-Day of the transfer, we had our district P-Day. Our options were to either go see the picturesque sites and learn about the culture and scenic historical sites of Japan….or go bowling. Guess which option the majority chose?

Are you slightly terrified by that hot dog? I was.

That same week we received transfer calls. I’m not transferring, but I’m also not companions with Eyring Shimai. In fact, we are becoming a yonin (four person apartment of sisters as opposed to the usual two)! And not only that, but all of us will be sharing the people we teach and lessons, so really I’ll have four companions! Are you confused? I’m confused. 


Towards the middle of the week I went on splits to Kamakura – famous for the shrines and the Big Bhudda. It was a fantastic experience and I was basically incredibly jealous of everyone assigned to that area. Towards the evening, we were giving out English class flyers and at one home we rang the doorbell and suddenly a short middle-aged Japanese woman wearing a fairy godmother costume bursts out yelling “Happy Halloween!” And after we all stand there confused for a moment, she explains she was having a party for her children’s English class and then proceeded to invite us in and introduce us as special guests from America. This was one of those, “How on earth did we end up in this situation?” moments. 

On the way back to the train station I noticed a small truck following me slowly with Miyazaki/Ghibli movie music playing and a man chanting on a loud-speaker, reminiscent of a somewhat creepy ice cream truck, especially because it was dark. After asking a woman nearby about it, I found out it was a rare sweet potato truck, and proceeded to flag down the truck and buy the most expensive sweet potato I’ve ever seen.  
Then, Halloween came knocking and we saw all the miracles because everyone was home and opening doors – surprising given that no one trick-or-treats here. We met a man and taught him, invited him to church and he showed up the next day with the biggest smile on his face. It was adorable. We also went reverse trick-or-treating to give candy to a half-American family who’s children were feeling a serious lack of candy-receiving. In all we taught 6 completely random lessons throughout the day, which may be a new record (not that anyone is keeping track). One man we talked to lived in an apartment with the cutest little Japanese Halloween decoration you ever did see. Expecting some adorable little obaachan, we were quite surprised when the person we ended up talking to had intimidating tattoos, multiple piercings, long hair, and was from Argentina. He went off in Spanish about economic inequality and the evolution of races down from the time of Noah and how the government was plotting and …. Well, everything along the lines of “nothing-related-whatsoever-to-what-we-were-actually-talking-about.” But he was a great guy and said we could come back and visit sometime. 

Finally, I realized the Japanese are probably the inventors of the most intimidating scarecrow ever. It’s literally just a fake (I think…I hope) crow being hung. If that doesn’t scare other birds off I don’t know what would. 

Fashion find of the day


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