Temperatures in Japan just plunged and luckily, I only lost four fingers to frostbite. Just kidding. My blessed mother sent me gloves just in time, probably out of guilt while she feasted on coconuts in the tropics. (Mä rakastan sua äiti!)

I ran out of time to write last week because I went to witness one of the seven wonders of the world with our friends/kyuudoushas. Actually it was the Big Bhudda but close enough, it’s still a national treasure.


This week I realized I’m the worst. I almost broke both of our bean-chans (transfer one missionaries). The first instance happened when we were on exchanges and I was rushing to make it to a family’s home in 15 minutes (it’s normally a 30-minute bike ride) fairly late at night. I biked up a pretty significant hill as quickly as I could, and when I got to the top I looked back to see my companion still at the bottom. When she finally made it up she was wheezing and struggling to breathe. Concerned, I asked if she has asthma and when she finally caught her breath, she replied “I don’t know, I’ve never checked. But my family all does…” We went much more slowly from there on out.
The next case occurred when, once again, rushing to get to a lesson in 15 minutes when it normally should take thirty, my companion crashed her bike trying to catch up. I looked back only to see her fly off her bike and hit concrete, with the bike landing on top of her almost immediately after. The wheel and frame were bent and we were stranded. Soon after that I decided I should probably start taking better care of my companions. Luckily there’s repentance.

One of our favorite families had to miss a lesson because of her sick two-year-old. We all decided to make her dinner and bring it to her home, and the elders joined us and gave her baby a blessing. She was so moved she started crying, and the next day her son was totally healed. As thanks, she and her two older children made us dinner and surprised us after English class the next day.

Other random events of the past two weeks: I met a fortune teller/tarot card reader who told me I had a happy aura and gave me a golden meishi business card and a golden jinglebell charm. I was quite pleased. I taught some lessons in Spanish and managed to fool people into thinking I spoke the language…for a few minutes. We found a new investigator from N・O・R・T・H・ Korea (is this censored?), one from China, and continued to help our other friend stop smoking. We had a gyouza party at some of our Mama eikaiwa students’ homes and…. Eyring Shimai realized she’s going home in two weeks.


Last but not least, no, I did not celebrate Thanksgiving, at least on purpose. Someone gave us pumpkin pie but for other reasons. I was grateful for several things, if that counts.

Wrong season?





I ate so much food I thought I would explode and quite possibly might have. (I had dreams for several consecutive nights afterwards where I was in a Nordic ski race, a swim race, a cycling race, and one night I did a half marathon. Clearly my body is trying to send me a message.



 These flip flops…
And a companion did my hair…  


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