Two for the Price of One (Posts, That Is)

Week Dec 7-13

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel incredibly busy but at the end you can’t remember what you did? That’s what this week felt like. I was still recovering from the flu so I had to take it a bit easier but still broke into coughing fits every once in a while and everyone looked at me like some sort of leper. I don’t think sick people are widely accepted in Japan. It makes sense though, if the person next to me on the train was hacking up a lung I would want them quarantined too. Most people wear masks when they’re ill or afraid of getting ill, but as missionaries last time I checked we weren’t allowed to wear them, and that’s why I’ve been getting dirty looks every time I can’t hold my breath in any longer and have to cough. Tough break, tough break.

In other news, I got my transfer call! I’m going to Cuba! Just kidding, still in Fujisawa. One of my two companions, Eyring Shimai, is going home this Thursday (home? what???) and in her place Sanchez Shimai (the transfer one bean-chan I’m training) and I will be getting a brand new missionary to train. So my Japanese had better be up to par because unless the new bean-chan is Japanese, nobody else will know what’s going on. No pressure or anything.

I was also assigned to be a Sister Training Leader, which basically means I’m supposed to help serve the other sisters in the zone we’re in and teach them and lead them and uplift and inspire them and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. I really have no idea what I’m doing so this next transfer is going to be…interesting to say the least. I have a lot of room for growth. I’m really excited for the opportunity but at the same time I’m ridiculously nervous. It feels like a lot of responsibility. Hopefully everything goes well and I don’t do anything too crazy, and gain a lot more love and patience very quickly. Pray for me :O 🙏🏼
Since Christmas is coming up I’m trying to figure out what we’ll be doing. Probably nothing too special, but apparently it’s popular here to eat KFC for Christmas.🤘🏽🍗 I don’t eat chicken, but I’m always down for biscuits, so I may just be picking up a new tradition this year, who knows.

I’m craving snow but if there is any it most likely won’t come until February, so I’ll endure until then. 🏔🇯🇵

Food this week:
This beauty- tomato soup ramen with mushrooms. Bib included.

We also were invited to dinner this week and got to hand-roll our own sushi, build our own hamburgers/fish fry, and eat Peruvian food called potatos réal and salmon until we were about to explode. 🍔🍕🍱🍛🍚🍙🍣🍘🍰

I love food.

Also thank goodness Sanchez Shimai takes photos otherwise I would have nothing so send home this week. Bless her and her infinite selfies.



Week Nov 30-Dec 12

Where to begin? Have you ever experienced those roller coasters that go up and down and in loops so much that you feel like you’ll throw up or your head will explode, but as soon as you get off you can’t help but think: “That was the best ride ever!!! I’m never doing it again!” I think that’s how I would describe this past week and then some.

Monday: I have no recollection of this day. It will forever rest in peace. And onward…

This week we taught a person who tried to impersonate Satan and demonstrate through facial expressions how he appears friendly but is in actuality evil, and it was terrifying. And she also kept stroking my hand.

On a better note, We were able to teach mama eikaiwa, and those mothers are quite possibly some of the most adorable people in the world. Later that day, we received a text from a family we have been teaching that they wouldn’t be able to join the church anymore because some people very close to them disapproved. However, we asked if we could come over to talk about it and she said it was fine, so we dropped everything and biked to their home. When we arrived she seemed heartbroken and so did her children so we talked and played with them, and sang primary songs with the children for a while until they seemed happier. Throughout the time there we shared scriptures as well. At the end we invited her to fast with us the next day (fasting means not eating or drinking for 24 hours) and to pray so that they could receive answers for themselves on whether this was the right answer or not. They agreed, and before we left she said she felt so much more peace now.

The next day I went to MLC for the first time (Missionary Leadership Conference). Usually it’s only the male and female leaders throughout the mission, but sometimes they invite a few others as well. It was good to see so many of my past district leaders, zone leaders, and trainer again, but I’m not sure whether I should be pleased or insulted at how many times they said, “wait, YOU’RE here??” I guess I’m still fairly young in “mission age”. :p They had amazing food so fasting was a struggle but very worth it, because our friend said she felt so much peace after.

And the next few days we caroled at a retirement home with signature sembei rice crackers, and went to a tech training, my roommate tried to pour sugar on a grapefruit and it turned out to be salt, then she did it again…

…I translated a meeting from Japanese to English so my companion could translate into Spanish for a Latina person attending, and then my body decided it had had enough and I got a fever of 39.8C, which is basically dying. The whole rest of the week I rested until I was almost better, then we had lots of appointments and I got sick all over again for several days on end. To top it off, My Latina roommate tried to do me in and told me to take an ice cold shower and I would be cured. True or not, there is no way I was doing that.

This morning I woke up at 36.6C and it was the best day ever! So I ate Indo curry.

Sorry for my ramblings,



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