Finally Snow! 

This morning went basically like this:
Kira Smiley: 6:37am, stoked beyond belief.

Then I cleaned the snow off of neighbors cars and pulling up their windshield wipers because the snow was turning into rain and people here have no idea how to deal with it. Like Californians and a rainstorm after a drought. I even spotted one lady trying to pour a water bottle on the snow on her car windshield to make it go away, which was then freezing….

Anyways, this week I was either doing something right or doing something very very wrong because everyone was crying during our appointments (the gospel-related ones not the English classes, that would definitely be bad). For example, one younger woman came into the church at the end of English class with lots of questions about God and religion and primarily why bad things happen to good people and what happens after you die. She broke down and made it very clear she doesn’t think life is worth very much to her right now, so we had a very long discussion and she seemed happier by the end and left smiling. We’re planning on meeting with her soon. 

Another woman left saying talking to us felt like going to a hospital for the soul. Mainly we just listened. People just need someone to listen to them I think, and all too often that doesn’t happen. 

Another small miracle this week: our friend who is busy recently with school and work etc wasn’t able to meet with us for a while, so we went and heart attacked her door and left her favorite candy. We were walking back to the bus when I remembered someone else nearby I wanted to visit and so we turned around and backtracked and happened to run into them coming home. They invited us in and we got to share a quick lesson. 

This week we also got to go to all the parties. 

We had a relief society party for the mama eikaiwa students and women in the church and the food was fabulous. 

There was a game show event and they asked me: you’re on a talk show and they ask you a question – the answer you give is “mother”. What is the question?
I said: “who likes the dog more than she likes you?” 

[Mä rakastan sua äiti 😉 ]  * I love you, too, Kira ;). More than “the dog.” Maybe. 

We also were invited to a Latina birthday party and asked to help set up before. I didn’t even know there were this many people from South America in Japan, let alone that they could all fit in one small room. It was lots of fun and I spoke in Spanish the whole time! Except the time where I struggled to describe my major in Spanish to a man from Spain and just ended up embarrassing myself, only to find out he’s an English teacher here and lived in England for 17 years. I exclaimed, “I could have been speaking in English this whole time??” To which he replied, “I’m a Spanish teacher too. I like making you practice.” Thank you, sir, thank you so much. 

In the end, we had lots of fun this week, found lots of people to teach, spoke lots of Spanish, and ate great food. 

This Saturday we have transfer calls! Keeping my fingers crossed for….who knows, it could go either way!

Should I stay or should I go? 🎶

P.s. Short story: in the winter in Japan sometimes it’s really difficult to tell who’s a man and who’s a woman because they have similar haircuts, hospital masks, and are wearing unisex winter clothing. My douryou was sitting on the train and trying to strike up a conversation with the woman next to her and put her hand on the person’s knee to get their attention and asked, where are you getting off? A baritone voice replied, “Fujisawa.” She proceeded to get flustered and apologize so he didn’t think she was hitting on him. The (now obviously) man stared at her like she was crazy and they spent a very awkward 15 minutes sitting very close on the crowded train in silence. 

Gotta love winter. 
Xoxo スマイリー姉妹


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