Hello from Hot Dog-Ya!(?)

Hellllo from Yamato. And Zama, and Hodogaya, and Ayase…. I’m all over the place these days. I’m also not on a bike. My new companion doesn’t have a bike and won’t be getting one any time soon so it’s sayonara to the bicycle for a while and hello walking shoes and blisters.

This week was crazy busy. Today we went to the temple! We’ve also been running all over the place to teach lessons and managing two wards, the Japanese and English speaking groups, and that has been no small task either. But it’s lots of fun as well. I’m finally comfortable teaching people in English although the culture shock of Base hasn’t quite worn off yet. 

This week as we were walking I noticed the Sakura blossoms starting to bud on trees. Spring is nearly here!!!

I also saw a brigade of old men walking, carrying anti-crime patrol flags, and wearing neon vests. I can sleep soundly at night now, knowing the city is safe with them on watch. Thank you, grandfathers of Yamato everywhere!

The new church I’m working at is enormous, and everyone in the city knows about it. Have you seen this building?

When they say no, that’s when we usually notice their white cane and/or seeing eye dog…

I got to practice my Japanese Shuwa (sign language) this week when we visited some older women to deliver flyers for a special Valentine’s concert we’re hosting this Saturday. Should be good. I also taught two lessons in Spanish this week as well! Still going strong.

Side note: I see cyclists here on our road all the time and get jealous.

We taught people how to make American cookies and it was a hit. Everyone was astounded by blue sprinkles.

We had a mission conference with President Whiting, who is a church leader over the entire Asia North area, and it was amazing. He was very inspiring and I learned a lot about how to be a better missionary.

I am currently experiencing a brain spasm and can’t remember anything I did this week, but I promise I was busy. We didn’t even have time for dinner most nights because we were running all over town for appointments. We visited lots of sick people and old women to bring them cookies and love.

Lots of small miracles.

Loving life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stay tuned for some exciting news next week…

(Sorry my email was ridiculously boring this week. Kuiaratamemasu. I’ll repent next week.)


Smiley Shimai


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