It’s the end…

….of the transfer!
The verdict: I’m staying in Yamato as Sister Training Leader, and my new companion is Cox Shimai (remember her!? See my post just before Halloween when I crashed a Halloween party)!

Porter Shimai is off to Tokyo, and we drank away our sorrows last night with Martinelli’s sparkling cider and m&m’s (thank you American base).

Last Monday we had the chance to go get our hands dirty and clean out the apartment of a family PCS’ing (permanent change of starion) from the Atsugi base. In exchange we got to keep all the food in their fridge. Works for me! I was mildly appalled at how big their milk cartons were (a half gallon??? Is that normal!?!) and the eggs yokes are yellow and less fresh than the orange ones you buy at a Japanese grocery store. It was bizarre.

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting in Hodogaya and I got to spend time with Leppänen Shimai from Finland! It was so fun to be able to talk in Finnish with someone, and turns out she’s found a few Finnish people while she’s been there.

On Wednesday we had splits with the shimaitachi from Kamakura, and I got to spend the day pretending like I have any clue what I’m doing and trying to ‘uplift and inspire’. Mainly we just visited lots of people, talked to everyone, and got to go for a long run in the morning. She also had sister Gazdik as a trainer so it was like Deja vu, I swear they are the exact SAME person. It’s uncanny, really. 

On Thursday I was MIA the whole day at Missionary Leadership Council, and learned all the things. We talked especially about the importance of developing charity and how our purpose is really to help people and love them. We read lots of references and one point that especially stood out to me was that perfect love replaces fear. I think that is so so true! 

On Friday we were able to have lots of random lessons with people on the street after visiting their homes and finding that they weren’t there. As we were walking to our dinner appointment, incidentally, I also found a bowling ball. Should have kept it, that’s all the rage on base. 

Saturday was the same story, where none of our plans seemed to work out but everything fell into place anyway and we found lots of new people to teach. Better yet, we got to attend a fiesta back in Shonandai and I saw my favorite Brazilian family ever!!! I’ve missed them all so so much it hit me just how much I love them when I was able to see them again. Because all the Peruvians attended, I got to spend the better part of the evening speaking Spanish, as well as Sunday evening with a Peruvian mother and son. 

On Sunday we had the chance to attend a convention of religions to support our Muslim friend with her presentation and just talk about religion in general. It’s pretty astounding how many similarities there are between our religions (even more so in many respects than other Christian religions) – fasting, word of wisdom in many aspects, 8 as the age of accountability, the Fall, modesty, and basically similar in terms of many of the articles of faith. She also had me try on a burka. It brought out the color of my eyes. I also got to practice some Arabic calligraphy (but didn’t post it because I have no idea what I was writing).

Last but not least, I went to the aquarium today! It was fabulous and 593647 times better than any other aquarium I’ve ever been to in America, just by virtue of the fact that the marine wildlife in Japan is so incredibly diverse! 

Much love, 

Hermana スマイリー


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