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My new companion is amazing! Before coming to Japan she was in the Air Force Academy so our workouts in the morning just moved up to a whole new level. We also vowed to eat healthy this transfer and then promptly received Easter candy from he Americans on base. We’re still trying though, I promise. I also found out her host family knows my uncle! She’s basically amazing, has flown a fighter plane by herself, loves biking, and loves cooking Japanese food. I think we’ll get along just fine.

Today we celebrated Pi day, fresh with pie from base. (Kira sent her mama this, from her memory: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510)

  My new ride…almost

“Miracle Report”:

I’m in total shock at how many miracles and great experiences we’ve witnessed in the past few days alone since transfer day. 

For example: We emailed a long-time less active member and she called us and we practiced active listening skills and she opened up and explained what had been bothering her for so long and we were able to help her talk through her concerns. Thank you Stanford d.School part-time job.

A person I met on the street who didn’t contact us back for several weeks suddenly did (she had been in Thailand and lost her phone) and she came to church the next day and loved it and we’re meeting with her today. We both studied environmental science/Earth Systems! She attended college in America for 3 years and joined service activities with a non-denominational Christian group and said she admired them for how selfless they were. She also happens to live right next door to someone who attends our church. She loves saunas. I really just want to be best friends.

Another half English class/half gospel study session student also came to church for the first time, and the member I asked to help her out and explain things to her called me after and was so excited about the chance she had to share her beliefs, and invited us from now on to come any time to her home with people who wanted to learn from us and she would help, and feed us. 

  English class 

At church the lessons in Sunday school and relief society happened to be the restoration and plan of salvation, something we had just taught, so they were able to get Japanese people present in both lessons and they explained concepts much better than I ever could. I got lots of great ideas for analogies to use to make things more simple and understandable. 

There was also a potluck afterwards and someone made vegetarian curry for me specifically, which is a miracle in and of itself in Japan, but more importantly it was a great chance for them to meet people and form friendships.

Our two little eleven-year-old ‘investigators’ have been reading the Book of Mormon on their own! Who knows what they understand but it’s adorable. One even took it to school to read during lunch time.

A mother who used to never open the door when senkyoushi wanted to meet with her daughter started to after I was able to speak Spanish with her and now we have a great relationship and I got to teach the restoration to her in Spanish. She’s totally sassy and sometimes terrifying if you don’t understand her, but I love her so much!

Two investigators we do half English class/half gospel lessons with said, upon being asked questions about the plan of salvation, that they think about that every single day and have been wondering! (One thought she would be reincarnated as a cat but we got that straightened out).

When the members after a dinner appointment walked us off of base, they waved goodbye to a Japanese woman and we started talking to her, only to find out she used to attend church in Hodogaya. Realizing that the family we had been with was LDS and that we were LDS, she said she felt goosebumps and said “I have a crazy connection with you people!” believing God was directing her. She promised to read the Book of Mormon that night and we woke up to a text this morning telling us she believes it’s all true.

We received a Book of Mormon request with an address that didn’t have a specific apartment, but we guessed and the first door we knocked on was her home! She invited us in and wants to change her life and get direction, and we’re meeting again on Tuesday.
I’m so grateful to be able to work with all these people! I’m so excited for the next six weeks!


Smiley Shimai


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