“Faux” Blog

For the record…. I’m very tired this week. And the Sakura are gorgeous.
 This tree has multicolored blossoms!!!!!! is that even POSSIBLE? 

Found several new people interested in learning from us this week, two of which were Spanish speaking, so I got to teach about modern prophets in Spanish and invite them to General Conference, a worldwide broadcast this (last) weekend.

  Sakura festival

On Saturday we had the chance to go on Base for the Annual Sakura Festival, during which anyone can get on and enjoy booths full of American meat, sugar, and grease galore. The Number one oft-heard phrase was, “I want to try a hanbagaah (hamburger)!” Other available victuals included deep fried potatoes doused in butter, “walking tacos” made in Doritos bags, and funnel cake. I’m trying to avoid sugar and obviously not eating meat, so options were limited, but it was funny to see the Japanese go wild.

  Enough said. 

In other news, we were invited to several family home evenings this week, and it’s so great to see that despite how drastically different every family is, in the end, their love for each other and desire to spend time as a family is all the same. It also was a wake-up call to how many decisions people need to make as they become parents – it’s no small task! Everything from what constitutes grounds for a
“timeout” to when children have earned a treat, to everything in
between. I love spending time with all of them though! And the
children are all adorable!
I’m about to collapse and nap for the next 62 minutes.

  I received a kimono! And it is a NICE kimono. (¥¥ 🙎🏻😳)

  Dinner! (I made the kimpira on the left!)

Special McDonalds Spring fries: with pickled plum flavoring. This is normal. I promise. 

Have a fabulous week!




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