A Blonde Moment

This week I got torched by this guy:

And the result is basically platinum blonde :

Oops. Well it happens to the best of us.

At least my buddy Ito San is coming to English class this week.

Our conversation:

“A little brighter please!”


“What do you think?”

“Well….it’s brighter alright!”

And at least I’m transferring to avoid the shame. That’s right, I’m being transferred to Kawasaki this Thursday! This week was full of tears, goodbyes, amazing last lessons, and was probably the single most crazy-miracle-filled week of the mission. And unfortunately for privacy reasons I really can’t say anything about it. Let’s just say the atonement is real and it works, no matter how bad the past crime is, and that my companion and I listened to promptings and literally saved a life.

Look, we speak Vietnamese now! Thanks cornerstone!

Farewell sketchy Yamato street.

Goodbye little sister, see you someday again!

She really does love me I swear.

I think it’s a 7-seater.

This is a summation of my life. Especially the solar panels in the background.

Love you all,

Xoxo Smiley Shimai


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