The Promised Land

“The Promised Land”. That’s what everyone calls Kawasaki anyway, and I think I’m starting to figure out why.

The Ward (congregation) here is enormous, maybe an average of 200 people a week, and lots and lots of children. They’re adorable. They started calling me “Elsa” from Frozen and tried to do my hair like hers.

My new companion is Tanimoto Shimai! She’s from the Kobe area of Japan and is 26, hilarious, and we get along really well. I love her! We always speak in Japanese but sometimes she breaks out in “Japanese English” (I.e. “Oh no, so Sah-ree! Or “she is berry nice da yo”) 

It was a bit of a shock to move from the suburbs back to big city life, and I didn’t realize how acclimated I had come to the inaka (countryside). So after nearly a year I’ve moved back to Yokohama. 

Other fun things…. Instead of old men feeding birds, they feed the Koi fish! There are enormous koi fish up and down the river that runs through the area and people just sit on the river bank and feed the fish. It’s pretty amusing, and I definitely want to do it as well. 

Our apartment is very “open-space” “modern-industrial” artsy and it’s by far the nicest one I’ve been in thus far in Japan. 

(Creeping in the background)



P.s. I found the sumo wrestlers. They tried to blend in but….


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