Change of Guards

This week was on and off rain. Of course we brought umbrellas the days
it didn’t rain and forgot them the days it did. Typical. 🙂
Adorable decorations in the genkan of a families home we visited that reminded me so much of Finland!

This family is named Yoda. And yes I was probably being filmed while taking this picture.

This week’s highlight was using an incredibly long robot-arm-grabby thing to fish out cans and trash from the river. I met some other students volunteering who studied environmental science/systems as well! So that was exciting. I also ate pickled watermelons for the first time. 50/50 on whether I recommend them or not.

Saw some great miracles this past week in really feeling inspired on where to go and finding people so ready to hear our message. In one lesson the passage I felt I should share turned out to be exactly the same that the person had read that morning.

Tuesday we had zone meeting, and I was asked to train on working hard, smart, and inspired. I think it turned out well because lots of people came and thanked me afterward.
On Friday we went to Kichijoji for a fireside with President Wada, his very last, and a farewell ceremony of sorts.

Sorry it’s a bit short this week. The temple is closing for cleaning so our PDay (preparation day) was moved to Wednesday so that we could visit before it closes (we were originally supposed to go next week).

Smiley Shimai


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