Third Time is the Charm?

It’s a girl! Old joke, sorry, and you knew that already.

My new companion and “daughter” (trainee) is Sister Tanner! She graduated in 2015. I am officially old.

She’s adorable and it’s so fun to be able to stay with Tanimoto Shimai as well. Although I loved it the first two times, now that I have twice as many transfers under my belt,  training the third time around is a lot less stressful and a lot more relaxed and  manageable. I wonder if this is what real parenting will be like?

Actually, we were talking to a man by the river and he actually asked me if I was her mother. I said, no, sadly, I’m only about two years older, but thank you…?


Sister Tanner loves running so we’ve been going out every morning with sister Tanimoto on the bike behind, cheering us on and taking selfies galore.

We needed extra closet space so I tried to build a shelf using instructions in mostly kanji and ended up stripping all the screws and having to hammer them in. It still wobbles but maybe that’s better for earthquakes? (We had one yesterday). Suffice to say I will not be becoming a carpenter or construction worker in the near future.

This week we deep-cleaned the apartment, taught kids eikaiwa, passed out a record number of BOM’s in one week, had some lessons (involving an ice cream Sunday with ketchup, mayo, and wasabi as toppings – Sabbath day metaphor) and headed over to pick up the baby from the honbu.

mannequin heads

Questionable garbage…yes, a pile of mannequin heads. Don’t ask. I didn’t.

Because both companions are just starting to learn each other’s native language, I’m officially the interpreter, which is giving me a whole lot of Japanese grammar and vocabulary practice. Turns out I have a lot more to learn. But we knew that already.

Loving life!


Politician takes on science



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