What. A. Whirlwind.

We got a call Sunday evening from President Warnick. And when the Mission President calls on a Sunday night you know big things are about to go down. Unfortunately, this time, the change wasn’t in our favor. We were informed Tanner Shimai was being suddenly transferred to Yokota on Tuesday. Tuesday morning we dropped her off at the station, and after she went out of sight, I realized that #1, she had no phone, and #2, I had forgotten to write down our phone number and the Yokota sisters’ number in case she got lost. Well, I hope she made it.
This weekend we had an appointment around 11am, but arrived a little early. So we did what every missionary does when they have some spare time and started knocking doors. Of course, this is 11am on a Saturday and officially the day doesn’t start until noon. Our bad. At The first door we “ping-pong’ed” a young man in about his twenties who came out in just his boxers, looking confused. We tried to stay un-phased but after introducing ourselves we just couldn’t hold it in anymore and all of us (the young man included) started laughing. I think the last thing he was expecting in the morning at the door were three girls in their twenties, two of them foreigners, talking about how families are forever. He said we could come back though.
This week we also had splits (switching companions for a day), which is always fun, and I attended the Mission Leadership Conference. I was supposed to jump on the train with two others, but I got to the train just as the doors were about to close. They had told me to get on at the first door, but as I jumped on, the doors closed as I realized looking around that #1, they were no where to be seen and #2, I was in car ten instead of car one. Luckily I was able to borrow someone’s phone to call my companions to call my friends to ask them to wait at Shinjuku. Unlike my disaster six months ago, this time things all worked out perfectly and we made it to Kichijoji safely and right on time after meeting up. Moral of the story: stop jumping on trains without a phone or a companion.
In other news, I vanquished a cockroach with cleaning spray, we found a traditional Japanese festival on the top of a mall, lots of people played Pokemon go in a park in the dark, I remembered what Instagram was, and we went to Costco. So sorry, not enough time to write a solid post, but bear with me! Today was temple p-day! Sending love from Tokyo!
P.s. Someone please send me the medal counts for Japan, US and Finland

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