A Blog in Haikus

This week in conforming to Japanese poetry standards (sort of), I’ve
decided to write my post in all haiku form. So here are several
snapshots of my week through poem format. Enjoy!

aug grp

Lifeless cicadas
Littering the forest floor
A feast for the birds

We’re sweating bullets
Packed like sardines on the train
On phones, dead silent

Seven eleven
Dinner, bank, book store, wifi…
Why shop somewhere else?

Making eye contact
With the lady on the roof
Next door feeding cats

Stooped over, ninety-three
Still walks to buy groceries
My ‘baa-chan neighbor

Why is it raining
In thirty degree (��C) weather
Summer enigma

What in life, I asked,
Is the most important thing?
Money, she replied
As she held her husband’s hand
And sleeps all day while he works

He’s dressed all in white
A gate to eternity
I can’t stop smiling

Maybe this is why
Maybe I’m meant to meet you
Eyes brimming with thanks

Three whole months later
Trying to speak Spanish but
Hey, I’ve still got it

Giving sincere hugs
To near strangers who need it
That’s real charity

I promise to try
Not to micromanage but
Please just do your part

The pachinko lines
On Sunday mornings smell of
Smoke and addictions

I fell off my bike
For the first time in Japan
Don’t think I can walk…

Drunkards tried to help
They tried to fix my bike but
I think it got worse

I found a cockroach
And then smashed it with a chair
Me: one. Bug: zero

I always say that
I’ll go on a diet but
Japanese rice though

Fire flowers burst up
Scattering into the stars
Drums Beat in rhythm


And that’s the wrap!


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