This week absolutely FLEW BY. It’s pretty amazing how fast seven days can go by. The beginning of the week was a little rough, but after I gave a training at zone meeting, I asked Pratt Chourou for a priesthood blessing and afterwards felt much better, just an overwhelming sense of peace and that I’m doing fine, that my best is enough. After that the week went much better!

We taught and contacted people from Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Nepal, and India. I got to discuss perspectives and similarities and differences from our beliefs with Hinduism, Atheism and especially Jainism and karma. At one apartment, when the young woman said “I don’t speak Japanese”, I introduced myself in passable enough Chinese that she exclaimed “you speak Chinese!” And promptly let us in to share a message, only to find out that’s about all the Chinese I know. Oops. We also had a conversation in Nepalese via drawn pictures on the iPad and Google translate. It was a disaster, and hilarious. At one point to try and show her I had learned a little Nepali at an indocurry restaurant I said pani dinosu, and she promptly shut the door and came back with water….exactly what I had asked for. I felt so bad!
This week I also got the chance to practice my veeeeeery rusty baking skills. Some of you may remember the time I burned apple sauce. Somehow I found myself teaching one family how to make Finnish pancakes and another how to make pizza from scratch (and yes, I’ve never officially done that before). I was praying like crazy that I wouldn’t mess up and miracle of miracles it all worked out fine and deliciously!

In eikaiwa (English class) we played telephone charades, and it was hilarious.Imagine an 80 year old trying to act out Giraffe, Star Wars and whale….priceless.This week was also Ibanez Shimai’s 20th birthday! To celebrate, we went to a friend’s home who made us a feast for a joint birthday party (her birthday was two days before)!
Behold, the replacement for the sushirrito, the sushi cake! And corn pizza….#onlyinjapan
I tried to make it a good birthday and this is all I could come up with:
Naan cake.And real cake
At least it was unforgettable…I was hoping she would go take a shower or something to leave our study space so I could decorate but alas, it was not to be…so I had to improvise. My skills might better serve a haunted house but hey.
In other news: this terrified me and little old ladies everywhere.
That’s about it! This is more pictures than everything, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Or something cheesy and clever like that to end this post. Ijou desu.
Also I ate so much food to this work is a carb free juice cleanse. Wish me luck. I don’t believe in diets for the record.
Xoxo  Smiley Shimai

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