The Most Important Lesson

So many good things happened this week! We’re crazy busy daily and
everything is falling into place.

There’s not much to say other than that. Miracles are just so real.
And I’m learning how to always trust the promptings I feel because
everything just tends to work out perfectly when I do, even if
logically an idea might not make sense.

We have missionary training conference this week and someone called
one night asking if I would sing with them  for a musical piece. I
said sure, and then she asked if I had any ideas for making the piece
fancier, and I said maybe I could think about it and give her some
ideas. About 10 minutes later the guitarist for the musical piece
calls me and says “so I heard you’re doing the arrangement for the
musical number, can you tell me what the chord
progression/details/parts/etc are?” Well. That escalated quickly. In
10 minutes.


It rained every single day this week, I found an antique bike shop,
and I did a carb-free week and ate tofu and fermented soybeans
(Nattou) for breakfast and lunch throughout the week. Then someone
brought American cookies and I caved. The struggle is real.

Seiku of the week: Ether 3:4-5, applied it to those we’re working with
and it’s helped me so much.


Smiley Shimai



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