Transfers came and went!  I’m now a proud resident of Tama city for the next two months!  There is an excess of enormous spiders here and it’s terrifying but besides that life is all good!
I was able to see all of the people I know and love in a crazy last few days in Kawasaki!And then off it was to Tama! This is the first thing I saw when I stepped off the train:


Welcome, to Hello Kitty Land. Which exists. Here, in Tama.
I also saw this guy in a Stanford sweatshirt and took a creepy photo, but had to maneuver around the fact that you can’t turn off the noise on Japanese mobile devices. So. Pretend selfie?
This weekend was General conference, a worldwide broadcast with leaders from our church giving advice on everyday life and how to be happier/have a more meaningful life/serve more/show more gratitude/ find joy amidst trials etc, and it was amazing!
Then today I was writing this email and a man walks in and says he has some questions. And then he flashes a police detective badge. Oh. It’s all very dramatic and has to do with an unclaimed inheritance. But I answered all the questions I could and in the process was able to teach him about missionaries and the word of wisdom and other parts of the gospel, and then invited him to come to our English class. He was asking questions and then suddenly stopped and said (word for word, but obviously translated) “by the way, why is your Japanese so good? You know how Osaka has its dialect? Well you even have the Tokyo accent and mannerisms. It’s like speaking to a Japanese person! You don’t remind me of a gaijin (foreigner) at all!” Let me just tell you, that was the best compliment I could ever get from an intimidating police detective.
That’s all for this week!
xoxox Smiley Shimai

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