Halloween in Japan?

This is called, stream of consciousness writing style. Call me Toni Morrison:

This week is Halloween. Halloween is this wonderful event that happens in October until the actual holiday. Then Christmas advertising starts. I’m trying this new dictation thing so if it doesn’t work you can blame the Internet.


Anyways we had a lot of things happen this week. One day when we were knocking on doors and old man answered the door. He was frail and fairly tall but he told us that he wasn’t interested in our message but he knew these Christian people down the street and with that he stepped out and started leading us. Normally, I would have thought this was incredibly sketchy, but this man looked so frail and I could probably take him with one hand so I decided to give it a go and follow him. We thought it was very close but, upon walking for a few minutes, he turned left into a dark alleyway. We kept walking down the alleyway up until we were about to hit the forest and he kept slowing and turning back towards me to try and touch my arm, so I was feeling very creeped out at this point and took a few steps back. And then he said we had arrived and instead of just a normal family we had arrived at a church…so contacting our referral didn’t quite go as planned.

Another time during the week while we were knocking on doors to talk to people, we found a door that had no doorbell and upon knocking a man answered and said he was working. We left him in English class flyer and he said while he wasn’t interested, he would give it to his customers. Not thinking much about it we left, but once we went around the corner we saw that it was a bar. Hope someone comes to English class!

Getting ready for Christmas

We’ve been teaching a lot about family history this week and I started my own family history. I search back to my grandmother’s line and found people dating back to the year 609 and 509 , even dating-back before  the year 500.

At one point during the week, we got a text from an unknown number saying “Help me!” It ended up being a English class students from a previous area who needed help translating private documents for an international oilfield transaction document, and I end up spending 2+ hours helping him. He promised to get me free dinner in return. Not
something I expected to be doing on a Friday night.

Then, one evening we got another text from a random person we thought was a woman inviting herself to our graduation party over text. Thinking we were someone named Hocchan. It turns out this person was actually an actor from Tokyo had mistaken the number while the friend was drunk. Now he wants to be friends.

Bishop had a “heart attack”

We were able to meet with lots of our friends this weekend have an amazing spiritual and meaningful interactions and experiences, and he also got lots of free tissues (???) from the people flyering for maid cafes.

Our Halloween party was a great success with over 50 people coming lots of people from English classes and those were teaching, and right at the moment when it felt like all the candy would run out someone save the day and showed up at about seven Costco pizzas. Hallelujah! It was a pretty crazy week, and just made me so happy to be in Japan
enjoying every second of it. We’re working hard every day, and I’m finally over my sickness. This morning went running and did strength and it felt like the best thing ever.

Love life!

Yes, this is terrible, forgive the dictation device, for it knows not what it does.

My vocabulary list
Smiley Shimai




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