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Here’s the word, the word’s history, family history. I’ve been literally obsessed with ancestors for the past three weeks or so, and found family names all the way back to BC  era and beyond. Some highlights include an ancestor named “Louis the Fat,” “Yaris the Wise,” “Charlemagne,” “Uther Pendragon,” and Joseph of Arimathea. So that’s crazy.


But really, the spirit of Elijah is so strong right now. If you haven’t already, I highly highly recommend setting up a free account on and finding out all the amazing people you’re related to. Do it now!


Other highlights of the past little while:

We’re really focusing on bonding with the members, and have been trying to get to know the youth better, so we go to seminary at 6 a.m. once a week. Everyone’s so tired and no one really talks, so it’s nice to know seminary is the same in Japan as in Oregon. We brought Captain Crunch cereal and bribed people to answer questions and then got blown away by some amazing answers. So that just goes to show the power of cereal and the gospel.

We’ve been trying to visit lots of people as well, and google maps has gone on strike one too many times. So we’ve gotten pretty lost. And ended up at completely different addresses from where we had intended to go. Sigh. But! We had the chance to meet several college students thanks to technology spazzes, and introduced family history and gave away a Book of Mormon! You can tell it’s a college student apartment by the number of bicycle pumps and fire extinguishers outside the door.


Our friend also made dinner for us and then used a crazy foot massage (as in she actually used her foot) technique and my back (which is just so broken right now) feels so much better!

We made takoyaki with her as well! Read: octopus balls…

In other news I’m still going strong on one month of no sugar. I’m trying to last until December. Please, by all means follow up and ask me how I’m doing.

On Thursday I attended mission leadership conference to give a training, and the atmosphere was so powerful. People were crying. Lives were changed (maybe). If you’re interested, I’ll send you the PowerPoint. I also got to see all the people I came to Japan with on the plane almost a year and a half ago. Plus one Mexican and one accidental photo bomber in the background.


I lost my douryou one evening and got more of a work out than I was counting on.We had to climb and then descend this massive hill, and somehow on the descent there was a fork and I kept going straight, but she was some ways behind me and turned left. I didn’t notice she was missing until a few minutes later at the bottom of the hill. Then I frantically started asking random college students if they had seen a foreigner in a helmet recently (that description is spot on by the way) and climbed the whole hill again looking for her. When I got to the top and she was no where to be seen I just prayed really hard she would wait for me at the 7/11 nearby (which by the way is giving away Harry Potter scarves if you buy 2 onigiri for a limited time only). Luckily she was. I asked her how she knew she had gone the wrong way and she said, “the ‘turn around, bright eyes’ song popped into my head all of the sudden, so I did!” It’s official. The spirit can also work through pop songs.

Finally, this one’s for you Natalie:


Have a great week (and no nightmares!)


Smiley Shimai

image11Recap from Halloween party costume contest

YSA family home evening!




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