First Things First

Did you know that Pokémon stands for Pocket Monster? Because I didn’t. You’re welcome. 

Second, do doors in America open in or out? A church member and I have been discussing this heatedly for the past few weeks and I figured I’d put it to the jury. 

Moving on:

I ate a raw egg, and wanted instantly to throw up. Despite my multiple attempts to train myself to accept raw or partially raw eggs in my diet, it turns out my stomach (and gag reflex) still remember the Pasta carbonara incident of 2006 (Sorry Isi). 


I made a child cry when I asked him to turn down the noise on his smartphone. Not even chocolate bribery worked. Oops. Let it be known I highly disapprove of letting kids play with smartphones as a form of distraction. Phone games are the worst. 


Now onto things you actually (hopefully) care about:

This week we had transfers and Orton shimai left for Tokorozawa, with a farewell from our beloved Middle Eastern Ping Pong champion grandfather. Beck shimai arrived without incident and was probably mildly confused to be welcomed by an old Man with an Arabic accent and a Hershey’s chocolate kiss. 


For a transfer 4, Beck shimai’s Japanese is outstanding (and I’m not just saying that because I’m 99% sure her mother is reading this blog entry). I’m constantly blown away at how quickly she learns and picks up phrases and is just ready to go. It’s always so nice to have companions who are just willing to work hard and effectively all the time. Interestingly, I was also transfer 4 when I sent off Eyring shimai from our training threesome so I’m having all sorts of deja vu. The difference: Beck shimai *will* love running by the end of our month together. 

In other news we’ve been practicing for our Christmas caroling in a few weeks (and Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here) and I kid you not, they’re trying to get me to sing a high A. This is as my good friend would say, “Muri”. 

Recently we’ve been just taking the time to really get to know the church members here and love them, and through that we’ve built some great relationships and gotten lots of referrals for friends they think would be interested in learning from us or attending our English classes. It’s been so rewarding, and I’m so grateful for their help and love. 


We’ve also been reaching out to those who for whatever reason, stopped attending. It seems that 9 out of 10 times the reason is social instead of faith-related. It makes me so sad, and just reiterates to me the importance of reaching out to others and being a friend. It can be intimidating to put your heart out there for fear of rejection, but the results can be so worth the time and energy. People don’t want to be “assigned” a friend, they want to be naturally loved for who they are, and for that reason in the end fellowshipping people can’t come from any sort of structured program if the motivation is just a grudging sense of duty, or a request from the bishop. It’s up to members individually to reflect Christlike behavior and focus on the “one”. 

And finally. I have less than three weeks left. Ask me if I’m freaking out. 

Making the most of it though. That being said I’m off to a squirrel park, because apparently those are a novelty here. 



Someone brought these for us to wear at a restaurant. Literally so ….insulting. I almost died except that I love her and didn’t want to hurt her feelings.


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