The Penultimate Blog

I’ll post once more when I get home, just to reassure anyone who has interest that I’m still alive.


But people. We’ve made it. This is it. The penultimate email. I was once talking to a Chourou going home in a few weeks and he mentioned that the penultimate email has to be the best. I still don’t know why. So please don’t be disappointed. This week passed by in a frenzy. One second I was telling people “Oh, I go home mid-December,” and then
suddenly it was “Oh, yes, I’ll be crying on a plane this Friday.” How’s that for terrifying?

On Wednesday we had our English classes and I had my advanced class debate whether schools should have uniforms or not. One student probably in his twenties said “No, because in the summer I want to go naked…”

Speaking of uniforms, I drew this on the train on my iPad:


On Thursday, we performed again at a different retired person’s home, and everything ran much more smoothly, mostly due to the fact that I didn’t have to dance AND be the announcer. As always, the one-year-old Yutaro kun stole the show.

The reindeer suit. I just about died.

Afterwards we rushed over to Machida for my final interview with the mission president, and he distilled all sorts of wisdom upon me. That evening we had a Washoku (Japanese style food) shokuji at a family’s home.


On Friday we had zone meeting, I called the luggage company to come pick up my suitcases (*sob*), and we made a grand tour with our friend to go visit people and give them Christmas advent calendars. We walked several kilometers, and props to her, she did it all in heels.

Saturday, we caroled in shinyurigaoka and it was freezing. And then I saw a man sitting outside 7/11 eating a Popsicle…we also received 15 apples from various Tama members. Know any good recipes?


Sunday, my last day in Tama Ward. I spoke at the beginning, and a shimai from the Kawasaki area came all the way to Tama to hear me speak. After church we had a gathering with some English class students and ate snacks, including fish cheese, and then they all gave me presents 🎁 and notes. It was so sweet! We got a ride from there to another family’s home who happened to make all the food I had been wanting to eat before I left! Okonomiyaki, Oden, pumpkin salad, shrimp and scallop pizza, you name it. They mentioned how they could tell I had worked hard as a senkyoushi, citing the time we were coming back from Kichijoji on the train together and I started talking to all the people who sat next to me. I hadn’t even realized it was anything special or noticeable, but it was nice to hear and notice that every little effort matters.

Everything is a little surreal right now. I’m pleased to say I’m 0% trunky, something my companion often reassures me of. In fact, I just never want to leave. But it’s alright, I’ll be back. This country and its people have captured my heart, and life will never be quite the same.
Japan, Sayonara for now






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