As a Vegetarian turned Pescatarian, I. Love. Food. I love Asian food, and specifically Japanese food. Follow as I try not to gain 50 bazillion pounds while eating amazing food morning noon and night, as well as trying all the crazy snacks that exist in Japan. Food photos to follow.

October 11, 2015:

Behold the glory of modern technology and fast food in Japan:

You order from a touch screen TV and the food shows up on a conveyer belt a few minutes later. That man to the right kept thinking I was taking pictures of him. Poor guy. 

October 4, 2015:

  Behold: pumpkin KitKats. Brought to you by Japan! Please ignore my face. 

 We were given so much granola it’s not even funny. 
Pancake with sweet potato filling, anko red beans, and pumpkin ice cream, available now at Japanese Denny’s. 

September 14, 2015:

Xandra (my roommate at Stanford) and I watched a YouTube video before I came to Japan of weird Japanese snacks. I pledged to undertake the endeavor of trying every single one of them, and his week is the weird slurpy jello cup things.

We still don’t know the name. (I take that back I forgot I could read Japanese. These ones are called Zoo Jellies).   

 Here’s a video that is far to close up of me experiencing these …. interesting…..snacks. 

Second, we went to a Japanese-Italian restaurant today and they had this beeper you could press when you were ready to order. I have no idea why every restaurant ever doesn’t do this, it’s literally the most convenient thing ever. No trying to make awkward eye contact with the waiter, no worrying that the waiter actually just forgot about you, etc.

Last but not least, Vegetable of week: the daikon. Veggies just aren’t big enough anywhere else in the world (these are about the size of my arm). 

September 8, 2015:

This week I got to experience the culinary delight of wasatako, that is wasabi and octopus. It was way delicious and I will be cooking it for everyone upon my return to America. Do you think they sell octopus at Safeway?


I also got to try this spongey fish and vegetable potato starch thing called Hanpen. I was expecting a dumpling type thing so I was really surprised when I bit into it. Forgive the disgusting photo and please be aware that I have mastered the use of chopsticks. Yes. That’s right. Mastered. 


August 3, 2015:

Look, I can cook!

kiras cooking

Also, we found the cutest tiny eggs and made mini poached eggs

mini eggs

July 27, 2015:

bottled sweat

I had a drink called Pocari Sweat. It sounds disgusting but it’s actually like Gatorade but infinity times better.

mystery dollops

These are weird gummy snacks but they’re really good. I don’t even want to ask what’s in them.

July 13, 2015:

This week, sick and afflicted, wilting away in my apartment, I took the opportunity to try different Japanese foods.

One day, dying of heat exhaustion, we went by 7/11 to get ice cream. I saw one next to the mango ice cream section that looked like a strawberry popsicle, and in a hurry I grabbed it and we paid and went back home.

Panko popsicle
Little did I know, upon my very first bite, it was ANKO RED BEAN POPSICLE. That was a shock. I  still ate it though. You know, for the experience.

purple popsicleimage1
Another weird popsicle                                             “Cow pee”

Also, because we have been cooking at home every day, I’m becoming well-versed in Japanese cooking. And by that I mean I just go to the grocery store, buy several weird-looking vegetables and fish and whatever else looks interesting, and then throw it all in a pan and add rice. Foolproof. This week’s menu included squash, cabbage, daikon, carrots, eggs, konnyaku, squid, crab, tuna, miso soup, noodles, and obviously rice.


July 6, 2015:

These are literally everywhere. Heaven forbid you’re ever thirsty

Bev machines

Fast food…

Fast food

There’s a saying, or just something people say, that goes along the lines of “you can’t be a true Japanese person until you like nattou.” So, obviously I had to try it. Let’s just say it will take some getting used to. But I promise to love it by the end of my time in Japan!




One thought on “Cuisine

  1. Kylee says:

    I love this Kiraaaaaa! I love that you’re having the cuisine experience of a lifetime!
    I promise you’ll like natou by the end of your mission! Just eat it with rice and an egg!

    Liked by 1 person

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