Japanese street fashion is famous around the world. Various styles – school uniforms, lolita, kimono or yukata, ganguro, and everything in between – grace the eyes of people every day. It’s quite literally a fashionistas dream come true, as anything goes. Stay up-to-date on fashion finds I get my hands on, as well as the best and craziest styles I witness in the next year and a half.

August 3, 2015:

There are definitely some gems here, for example: I found one girl with matching dinosaur socks, earrings and an Adidas T-shirt.

Women here like to wear socks with sandals, except cute socks, not in a “your dad and his tube socks and Teva sandals”- kind of way. Also, the sandals they have have enormous platform heels. I want them.

Next, the shirts here are golden. As I mentioned before, there’s one I saw that said: “Dwarf Power Eternally,” one that said: “Pleased Token,” “My Cupcake Glitters with Diamonds” (not a very delicious cupcake if you ask me) and lots that say something like: “State College” and mimic university-style shirts. My new life goal is basically to buy one of those shirts before I leave Yokohama.


July 6, 2015:
You know how in the US people use random French words and Chinese characters on shirts because it looks and sounds cool? Well it turns out they do the same thing with English words in Japan. This shirt was a gem (photo taken with permission I swear):



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